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Webull Stock Transfer Fee
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Webull Stock Transfer and Other Fees Explained!

Highly recommended as a site for day to day traders ranging from the beginner to expert level users. There is no charge when it comes to commissions on stock transactions and it is in this case that Webull tends to navigate towards other avenues to make profits, and this you may see is through Webull initial efforts to base this around transfer fees.

Webull stock transfer fees are implemented whenever you choose to transfer stocks to other brokerage companies/ firms, at this moment a fee is then generally charged by the firm from which you are transferring and Webull subsidize this by not charging a fee for receiving stocks into your portfolio at Webull, however on the opposite, currently Webull charges a $75 fee for outbound transfers.

Fees can be an inconvenient factor to experience for traders especially those who make very considerable amounts of transactions on a frequent basis, and with this it is generally clever to batch or optimize for when to make the best decision of when to handle transfers so the fees will be a minuscule portion of day to day transactions.

Webull Stock Transfer Fee:



>>> Just to mention - Webull stock transfer fee is subjected to a charge regulated under the SEC's rules for stocks. The base amount you would need to pay is set around $0.01, but on the other hand, there is an equation that is used to determine exactly the cost that would need to be paid: which is $0.0000051 multiplied by the dollar amount of all trades.

Accordingly, the SEC will impose a transaction fee of $0.255 for every $50,000 worth of stock that is sold/ traded. If you sell stocks, keep in mind that FINRA will in addition also impose an administrative fee, which can range anywhere from $0.01 (the base amount) to around $5.95 per transaction.  

The Regulatory Fee (FINRA)-Total Trading Volume x $0.000119 is a rough representation of the FINRA equation which is meant to be accurately close to expectation.

As such, in the event that an amount of $50,000 is sold in shares, an administrative charge will be in effect at a $5.95 administrative/ regulatory expense.

It is mentioned, since this is the most extreme case that can possibly be given the approval to occur in an exchange, selling about $100,000 worth of offers won't see an increase your expenses at all.

    1. Cryptocurrency: (Webull Stock)

  • Webull currently supports the following cryptocurrencies on their platform and may see additions to this in the future: [Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash, Stella Lumens, Ethereum Classic, Cardano, Dash, and Shiba Inu].
  • Investors/ traders are allowed to commit to trades of 15+ Cryptocurrencies using the Webull platform, even though account holders cannot as of currently send and vice versa receive coins.
  • If you wish to make a withdrawal, you can only do so by selling for USD. Compared to other stock brokerages and investment platforms, Webull is considerably still one of the highest regarded platforms to commit trades and investment as they do not charge fees for other services that other networks typically charge for. 
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    Webull Stock Transfer Fee

    2. Depositing: (Webull Stock)

  • Webull is known to not be acquainted with a fee structure for regular day to day business transactions compared to other trading platforms. 
  • This is not the case when it comes to making deposits and many may have not known that this was possible with Webull, but if a deposit was made and is returned (for eg; due to insufficient funds), a charge of a $5 reversal fee is implemented. Another mention is that wired transactions within the same country, will see a charge incurred for $8, with the fee increasing up to $12.50 if the wire transfer is made international. 
  • Webull Stock Transfer Fee

    3. Trading: (Webull Stock)

  • Webull operates as an investment/ trading platform, it is only natural that the operations for trading will incur fees for it's users. These fees can be a variety of things including administrative and brokerage expenses.
  • Users will usually incur these fees and have to pay whenever trading occurs such as when you buy stock or an ETF, for example, you may be charged a trading fee.
  • Commission rates can be fixed or based on trade volume in which you may be asked to pay a financing rate, a commission, or a spread depending on the type of transaction you conduct.
  • The overnight rate, also referred to as the financing rate, is what you must pay to maintain your prestige position through to the following day. Finally, there are spread fees, this is the difference between the purchase and sale price.
  • Trading Fee:


  • Similar to a Webull Stock Transfer Fee, a trading charge occurs under certain circumstances that may not be within the control of Webull operations.
  • However, the majority of these fees are not supposedly imposed by the Webull trading platform, an example of this is that a user will not be charged any fees by Webull for securities that have been listed on a US exchange.
  • As for regulatory agencies (FINRA, SEC, OCC) may demand these fees and for that Webull does not benefit from such fees, but they must be imposed due to the requirements.

To be mentioned: You will incur a charge for transactions on sell or buy margins on Webull. This is calculated on a daily basis as interest that is charged only once per month, and at least $2,000 is the minimum threshold to qualify for the margins.

Is Webull Transfer Fees - better than the rest!


    Included Fees:

  • 4.5% USD margin rate
  • ACATS, Outgoing2: $100
  • Regulatory4: $22.90 per $1,000,000 of principal


    Included Fees:

  • $10 Minimum trade
  • 1% Crypto transaction fee
  • $75 account transfer fee


    Included Fees:

  • 4.8% USD margin rate
  • $6.5 US stock index options
  • Trading Fee (sell only) $0.000119 / share

Ally Invest

    Included Fees:

  • Mutual fund $9.95 per trade
  • 9.3% USD margin rate
  • $5 US stock index options

TD Ameritrade

    Included Fees:

  • Mutual fund $50 per transaction
  • $6.5 US stock index options


    Included Fees:

  • Mutual fund $37.5
  • $6.5 US stock index options

>>> The fee structure at different Finance Networks can heavily vary due to multiple simultaneous factors that come into play.

That alone cannot outright decide the best in a list when comparing, as they all have their upside as well as cons. 

Not all will have the same or even close to the same fee setup for its consumer and for some the benefits can easily outweigh the negatives. 

However it is still generally a good idea to get acquainted with what to expect.

Webull Stock Transfer Fee

Webull, unlike several brokers, does not give or accumulate interest on cash that is not invested, does not have a default collection pool for uninvested funds, and does not offer any additional banking/ cash management features to make amends for this (for instance Ally Invest/ Robinhood). 

So in that case, any money that isn't invested will just sit there and not have a chance to develop. However, given that many set interest rates - are simply a sad 0.01 percent, it is difficult to draw a clear distinction between paying interest on unspent funds and whether to do so in this current environment.

Webull Crypto Options - to choose from:

  • Shiba (Inu)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Cronos (CRO)
  • XRP (XRP)
  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • TheSandbox (SAND)
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Stella Lumens (XLM)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Decentraland (MANA)
  • Dash (DASH
  • Uniswap Protocol Token(UNI)
  • Algorand (ALGO)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • Terra (LUNA)
  • Sushi (SUSHI

With no account minimum and free trading on equities, exchange-traded funds, and American depository receipts, Webull ranks highly in terms of cost efficiency.

Top Most Popular Webull Crypto Options:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • Solana (SOL)
  • Cardano (ADA)

Security: (Webull Stock)

Webull operates as an independent privately owned business. Even though there have recently been rumors and speculations of an IPO that is appraised at around $400+ million, the business has not yet gone public as of currently, therefore it is not now required to disclose any of its financial data. 

The lack of a stock market listing, as well as the lack of a banking license and negative balance protection, are considered as minor deviances and isn't much of a bother to many traders and investors.

Nevertheless, it is regarded as a legal Investment network. The protection you have as an investor and the broker's experience may generally be used to assess the safety of any brokerage. Webull tends to be unambiguous on these details.

Webull Security: Rate


  • Two-factor authentication is supported.
  • Mobile App have the option of biometric security entry using fingerprint or facial recognition.
  • For an extra level of security, there is a unique six-digit passcode to gain trading access.
  • No significant platform outages on Webull.
  • In the last four years of operation, it has been reported Webull has not experienced any data breaches.

Webull offers protection coverage under the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and they offer respectable security of up to $500,000 with a $250,000 cash cap in the event of loss of funds and any mishaps to occur. This is considered one of the greatest sums so far available by an investor protection program  - is this one.

Webull insurance for trading is not exclusively provided by only outside financial organizations. Webull's clearing company, Apex Clearing, offers its customers additional insurance through this and with that their customers are protected for cash and securities totaling towards $150 million. A cap is set at $900,000 in cash and $37.5 million in securities for each individual client.

I have covered here a full overview of what you can expect from Webull stock transfer fee, withdrawal, deposits, trading cryptocurrency, other fees and more:

Webull Investors Platform:

Webull Stock Transfer Fee

Webull Investment Opportunities to make profit!

Investors Network
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  • Webull is a fantastic option for active traders or investors who don't require much guidance also additionally, the fact that there are no additional expenses makes it appealing to people who wish to attempt trading. 
  • The margin rates are competitive, there is mention of no minimum account of sort required to be set up, and there are no commission charge on stocks, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and or options. Additionally, you have free access to a well-designed, user-friendly investment platform for desktop computers and mobile devices which offers beneficial trading tools.
  • Webull is a competitive alternative option for margin users and many active option investors/ traders who may otherwise find Webull's trading option tools to may be lack of some essential features.
  • Most traders will be happy with Webull of how well the technology now makes it possible to fill limit orders and consistently fulfill other additional order types.

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Stock being transferred to Webull incurs no charge: $0 

No inbound transfers to Webull are subjected to any fees. For the opposite any outbound transfer, however can be subjected to charges coming from Webull and your receiving broker. For further information about fees, check the reviewed content on this page.

If you use an ACH transfer, Webull won't charge you any deposit or withdrawal fees. For local clients using wire transfers, there is a $8 deposit charge and a $25 withdrawal fee; for foreign clients, a $14 deposit fee and a $45 withdrawal fee will incur. 


Does Webull charge a transaction fee?

Transaction Fees - For trading stocks, ETFs, and options listed on U.S. exchanges, Webull does not charge any commission regarding to these. 

The regulatory organizations, including the SEC, FINRA, and OCC, require these fees legally. Webull does not profit from these fees.

How much does it cost to withdraw from Webull?


If you use an ACH transfer, Webull won't charge you any deposit or withdrawal fees. For locally designated traders/ investors using wire transfers, there is a $8 deposit charge and a $25 withdrawal fee, for foreign clients - there is a $14 deposit charge and a $45 withdrawal fee.

Does Webull have hidden fees?

Webull has hidden fees: no, however there may fees you are not aware of when conducting trades, transactions and more that is not regulated by Webull.

Webull doesn't impose account fees or inactivity fees, which are the brokerage costs that are generally billed monthly.

Why can't I withdraw all my money from Webull?

Your deposits must remain in your account for at least 7 trading days if you make an ACH deposit. 

There is no waiting period for withdrawals if you deposit money by wire transfer. It is not possible to withdraw money before the transaction has finished.

How much can I withdraw from Webull a day?

Transfers from your bank account to your Webull account are limited to $50,000 per day. The dollar limit on wire transactions is higher, but there are fees. 

Users must use an international wire transfer to deposit or withdraw money from their Webull brokerage account if they have a non-U.S. bank account.

Is Webull a Chinese company?

Webull Financial LLC is Chinese-owned stockbroker with its headquarters placed in New York.

It offers an electronic trading platform that boasts it's commission-free trading of stocks, exchange traded funds, options, margins, cryptocurrencies and more that is accessible through desktop version and or mobile app.

Is Webull really free?

Webull is a free no commission broker. They provide commission-free trading in stocks, ETFs, and listed options, and they don't charge more for their feature-rich platforms and tools or for account minimums. The margin rates at Webull are also competitive.

How does Webull make money?

Interest on balances of unpaid credit.

Webull generates money by lending short sellers the shares of investors, those borrowed shares are then sold to other investors in the hopes of subsequently purchasing them at a reduced price.

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